Medium to Low Voltage

We offer high level of expertise, design, supply, installation and commissioning in safe and efficient power supply and distribution systems from the power grid to consumer’s final utility outlet.

Our scope of work includes but is not restricted to the following;

  • Medium Low Voltage Distribution Systems: we offer seamless solutions in acquisition, installation and connection to MV power grid by provision of substations and transformers at 33 and 11 KV Voltage level.
  • Construction and Installation of efficient and cost effective power distribution systems: power distribution architecture is important in achieving optimal project cost for the client. We offer expertise in design and installation of cabling and busbar systems, synchronizing panels, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), main and sub distribution panels, distribution boards and consumer units.
  • Alternative Power Generation Systems: we have experience in installation of generators and solar power systems of all types of capacities.
  • Power Metering and Billing: we offer cutting edge technology in electrical energy monitoring and metering systems and units for various uses from residences to hyper markets at low and medium voltage levels.

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