Extra Low Voltage Installations

Our experience and services to our clients on extra low voltage installation has been outstanding

We do not only designed and install to acceptable codes and standards we also ensure that the installations are reliable and dependable. Because we understand the of the sensitive nature of the system involved in ELV installations. Our extra Low voltage installations includes but is not limited to the following: Data and Voice – To provide means of communication with the outside world and within the building.

Access Control

To restrict unauthorized entrance to areas like the offices, communication room and other vital locations.

Fire detection and Alarm System

To enhance safety and reduce loss by early detection of fire, enabling an audio/visual alarm to be given so that emergency actions may be taken.

Building Management System (BMS)

We Install BMS system to monitor only or to monitor and modify inputs from the major building MEP systems. Our BMS systems are able to provide report of equipment operations when required and provide useful information for maintenance planning. The BMS system can be integrated to other facilities such as access control, CCTV, fire alarm etc. This is achieved through LAN and PC connection.

Uninterruptible Power supply Unit (UPS)

We size, select, procure, install and commission UPS to provide continuous voltage supply to sensitive equipment, e.g. CCTV monitor, as well as computers and other data equipment.

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