Facility Management

Our comprehensive maintenance and facilities management services are designed to help optimize your buildings, providing you a safe and efficient building for your business. We know that buildings can be a business' second-highest operating cost, after your people - but we also know the value and efficient property can provide. We tailor all our services by client’s needs. Not only will your employees be more efficient when they're enabled by their workplace, but by keeping your building running smoothly, we'll free up more of your time to concentrate on what you do best.


Electrical Services

• Electrical maintenance including panels, DB and fittings • UPS Maintenance • AVR Maintenance

Mechanical Services

• Plumbing and pipe works • HVAC maintenance including chillers VRV & DX • Generator Maintenance • Water Treatment equipment and Maintenance • Pumps Maintenance

Fire Safety Services

• Smoke detector maintenance • Fire Alarm panel maintenance • Sprinkler and hydrant systems • Fire extinguisher • Gas suppression

Past Projects