Do It Well Philosophy

“Do it well” is our brand promise to you. It’s not just about what we do. But the way in which we do it. We seek to differentiate Mar&Mor from our competitors through clear drive to do every task well, and deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes for our clients.

Amusan Stephen

Take your task one at a time and give the best approach

Adenle, Akeem Alaba

It always reminds me to exercise patience while carrying out my tasks so that I can do it well once and for all and avoid re-do.

Babatunde Olusoji

To me, it means that whatever work you are assigned to do, you should do it well so that you wouldn’t come back to it a second time.

Oluwatobi Adebayo

For me, “Do-it-well” signifies excellence not perfection which means excellence with room for improvement.

Oni Ayodele John

I always say it to our technicians on site to remind them that we have to adopt the very best measures in solving problems on site; our installations should be near perfection.

Emmanuel Anabu Ezima

“Do-it-well” to me means we cannot be average in doing our work. We just have to be excellent.

Eunice Okon Anthony

“Do-it-well” to me means to leave a lasting positive impression on the customer/client in such a way that they will always want to come back for more business. As a front desk officer, doing it well influences my interpersonal interaction with every client that works through our door.

Lasisi Rasheed

When I think of the slogan “Do-it-well” I think “satisfying customers in the best way possible". This includes timely response to their queries, being available always - even if it is not convenient, e.t.c.

Tunde Mabinuori

“Do-it-well” means to carry out daily activities on site in line with specifications and best standards to the satisfaction of the client.

Ilesanmi Adeola

Doing all jobs as per the required standard

Oluwapelumi Onifade

“Do-it-well” , just as the word implies ,really reminds me to the popular quote "anything worth doing, is worth doing well". Therefore, it means no matter how small or big a given task is, you must put in total energy into doing it and leave no stone unturned.

Moses Omeiza Ayo

“Do-it-well” means “do your best to bring out the best”.

Emelieze Alex

To me, it means putting my all, into every task I undergo, and making sure I get the best result attainable. It makes me approach my work with 100% focus.

Aigbokhan Edwin

It simply means doing the best at any job description.

Modupe Efienamoku

What ever you do, put in your best. This I practice by satisfying my conscience irrespective of what others feel or think.