About Us

Whatever we do, we do it well. That is how we keep our customers satisfied.

We design procure, Install and maintain Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, water treatment, FireFighting and water supply systems as well as Power Supply, Electrical Network and Communication systems to meet industrial, commercial or residential requirements. We also provide quality general plumbing services.

Established in 2008, MAR&MOR continues to grow, with a strong reputation for delivering quality, fully integrated building services installations. We believe excellence in service delivery is an enabler and generator of new opportunities.

Our Vision is to leave a lasting legacy for customers and to continuously raise the bar in the delivery of building services. No matter how small the brief, we will not take a step without charting our course. That’s why we anticipate challenges before they arise and keep maintenance and support cost low. We plan with identified measurable priorities, and measure adequacy by an appropriate balance on these priorities.

We constantly strive to incorporate best in class practices to improve and support our vision of excellence in everything we do, including of choice of product partners. In the world of multiple choices, we opt for the best option. Best in our world is defined by an appropriate balance of acceptable standards, client requirements and cost constraints – with standards compliance carrying the heaviest weight.

We understand that excellence in project delivery is achieved through effective management and oversight of the requirements and processes unique to each project.

Professionalism on site, professionalism off-site, in decision making, in client communication, and also in implementation; every Mar & Mor representative is trained to do it the professional way. That is why you can trust your very important requirements with us and be at ease.

We lead ourselves, we lead the situation, and we lead the challenges. That is why we never panic in the face of challenges.